TEAN Conference 2021: Poster & Pitch Presentations

The poster presentations from the online TEAN Conference May 2021 are available here and provide critical perspectives on a range of topics in teacher education and development. 

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  • The curriculum subject knowledge of beginning secondary Science teachers. 
  • The intense experiences of teachers who are also mothers. 
  • Identities of beginning teachers of secondary maths who have a non-mathematical degree. 
  • The impact on the self-efficacy of student teachers of feedback on classroom observations.  
  • The use of collaborative groups within an online teacher education programme. 
  • Online learning on teacher education programmes for diverse student teachers. 
  • A community-based professional learning model for teacher leaders.  
  • How primary school teachers respond to teaching Art and Design. 
  • Developing the collaborative creativity of teachers and learners in Art and Design. 

During the conference, posters were available to all delegates and authors also had a scheduled slot and room to make a live ‘pitch’ and handle questions. 

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