Submission Guidelines

Deadline for submission:  Monday 31 January 2021

The proposed contributions are peer reviewed and considered by the committee with evaluation against the following criteria.

  • the clear articulation of focus and relevance to the wider international community of teacher educators
  • the rigorous approach to critical evaluation or research in teacher education and professional development
  • the extent to which it critically engages with existing theory and research

There are four different formats available for TEAN conference, each with distinctive advantages. In making your submission you should choose one of the following formats:

Research or practice exchange presentations’ an excellent opportunity to report on a current well-developed research or innovative practice project in teacher education. Up to 15 minutes presentation with 15 minutes minimum of discussion.

Poster & Pitch presentations’ are great for networking because you will give a five minute presentation to accompany your portrait style electronic (A0 Equivalent) poster.  You will then have around twenty minutes discussion with members of the audience interested in your poster.  Poster and pitch contributions may be on innovative practice or research.  Your poster will be on display in our virtual gallery for all delegates to enjoy for the duration of the conference.

‘Round table presentations’ again are ideal opportunities for networking.  In a themed group you will be sharing your project with interested colleagues through a 5 minute informal presentation.  You can also provide an A4 handout to accompany the presentation.  Our themed discussion will go ‘around the table’ picking up on relevant aspects of your project.

Mini keynote presentations’ are tightly timed with just 5 minutes presenting with six slides and minimal time for immediate discussion, but you present to the whole conference audience. They are suitable for experienced researchers because of the demands of the format and the need for a well-constructed argument.

A member of the TEAN Committee or a researcher from our host organisation, the University of Cumbria, will host each of our conference rooms.  They will welcome delegates, introduce presenters, clarify the session format and chair any discussion elements of sessions.

Please submit your proposal on-line here

Please Note: The submission on-line software no longer supports Internet Explorer. Please switch your browser for the best viewing experience.

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