TEAN has strong links across the teacher education sector in the UK and beyond – some of the key links are provided below:

British Educational Research Association (BERA)

BERA is a key network for UK based educational researchers and a large annual conference. BERA is organised by special interest group and of particular interest to teacher educators is the ‘Teacher Education and Development’ SiG.

European Educational Research Association (EERA) 

EERA is the key international network for educational researchers in Europe. Teacher educators across Europe are keen to collaborate in sharing practice and researching teacher education and development. The annual EERA conference (ECER) is a large conference and a key annual event.

Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE)

SRHE is a key international network and conference for research into HE (including ITE but also generic and in other disciplines and professional fields.

Universities Council for Education of Teachers (UCET)

UCET is a significant national networks which works particularly hard on influencing policy in teacher education and development and holds its own annual conference in the autumn

Association of Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE)

ATEE is the equivalent of TEAN but at European level. Their smaller conferences are very useful for networking and everybody present understands teacher education so you are presenting to an informed and focused audience.

Resources to support teacher educators are available at InfoTED and FLiTE websites:



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