Is TEAN for you?

 If you are a teacher educator, then TEAN is probably for you.

What is different … special about TEAN?

TEAN seeks to support the vast community of colleagues delivering teacher education on a day to day basis. Those who engage with TEAN consider it to be a niche that you cannot get anywhere else.

So how does it do this?

In a nurturing and formative way – TEAN cares about you – it’s very approachable – you feel supported by TEAN – it gives you a means of rich dialogue between professionals, often including experts in various aspects of teacher education. The crux of TEAN is knowledge generation – you learn by sharing and engaging with others and you can pass this on to your students. Its support is presently given through such things as the TEAN journal, the Student STeP journal, the TEAN conference.

I’ve been a teacher educator for a long time.  Is TEAN for me?

Yes it is for you, it’s all embracing. TEAN is all about teacher educators in whatever context. It is a good starting place, but it’s not just for starters, it offers ongoing professional development opportunities and opens doors for anyone who engages with it. It seeks to promote a culture of regeneration – if you take the opportunity to believe in regeneration, then TEAN is invigorating. There’s no ‘hierarchy’ in TEAN, we all learn from one another. That forms, in part, its uniqueness and distinctiveness. Let’s start the journey through what TEAN offers.

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