Teacher Education Advancement Network (TEAN)

A professional learning community for teacher educators

Welcome to TEAN

The Teacher Education Advancement Network (TEAN) is a professional learning community for teacher educators across the UK, and we also welcome colleagues from Europe and beyond. In using the term ‘teacher educator’ we mean all those professionals who have a significant formal role in initial teacher education programmes, or in professional development for experienced teachers. Teacher educators may be based in universities, schools, colleges, and early years settings, or be working as education consultants.

TEAN is a welcoming and inclusive network of teacher educators, with a lively annual conference and an online journal. The annual TEAN conference includes provocative keynotes, professional development masterclasses, and presentations on critical evaluation of innovative practice and research in teacher education and professional learning. The TEAN journal is a peer-reviewed open access online journal focused on advancing research and scholarly activity in teacher education.

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