Call for Contributions

Teacher Education Advancement Network (TEAN)

professional learning community for teacher educators

Manchester, England: Thursday and Friday 7 & 8 May 2020

The TEAN annual conference is focused on cutting edge innovation in the pedagogy of teacher education and on high quality research in teacher education. The event provides a professional development and research capacity building opportunity for teacher educators. The conference brings together an expert audience who are committed to developing research-informed practice in teacher education. In addition to two provocative keynotes there is a choice of sessions on all aspects of developing research-informed practice in teacher education as well as workshops to support academic induction and career development including developing as an educational researcher.

At TEAN we use the term ‘teacher educator’ to mean all those professionals who have a significant formal role in initial teacher education programmes or in the provision of continuing professional development for experienced teachers. Such ‘teacher educators’ may be based in university departments, schools, colleges, early years settings, or be working as education consultants. TEAN is not only focused on initial teacher education, the network and conference is also committed to developing research-informed practice in continuing professional development and advanced professional education for teachers.

Your proposed contribution should relate to one or more of these aims of TEAN:

  • Developing powerful innovative pedagogies for teacher education
  • Developing high quality research in teacher education
  • Developing collaborative knowledge exchange across teacher education partnerships
  • Developing collective leadership in teacher education
  • Becoming and developing as a teacher educator

In submitting your proposed contribution you will need to provide a concise title (140 characters maximum) and a 400 word abstract. All proposals must consist of innovative practice or research in teacher education and include up to six key references to signal delegates to the underpinning theory and research. There are four different formats to choose from. Proposed contributions are peer-reviewed and then considered by at least two committee members. In some cases you may be given an opportunity to amend your proposal and you may be asked to switch formats depending on the programme requirements.

For general enquiries please contact Linda Shore

If you would like to informally discuss your proposed contribution to conference then contact the conference chair Pippa Leslie at

Please check the full submission guidelines prior to submitting your proposal on-line here

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