‘Being a Teacher Educator’ On-line Course

Facilitators: Dr Pete Boyd, Dr Jean Murray & Dr Liz White

This online course considers strategies, as an experienced teacher educator, to develop your individual career and your overall contribution to the field. The aim is to draw on national and international knowledge and networks to help you plan and adopt a strategic approach to advanced pedagogy, scholarship and research to underpin your identity and work as an educator, scholar/researcher, consultant or teacher education leader. The three modules focus on: strategies for developing your thinking and writing about teacher education practices and policies at doctoral level and beyond; developing evaluative judgment of the quality of educational research and professional guidance; and career development pathways including teacher, consultant, researcher, leader, manager, professional learning provider, academic development and/or other interesting possibilities.

June 2022

Four weeks flexible online engagement with practical activities, asynchronous interaction and three optional live classes which will be recorded:

  • Live Class 09:00-10:00 21 June 2022
  • Live Class 09.00-10:00 28 June 2022
  • Live Class 09:00-10:00 5th July 2022

The three inter-linked modules of the online course are aimed at those colleagues who have a minimum of three years in a substantive teacher educator role and wish to extend their contribution to the field through advanced pedagogy, scholarship, research, publication, knowledge exchange and research impact. (Workload is estimated to be three hours each week)

Module 1: Developing thinking and writing in education

This module focuses on strategies for developing your thinking and writing about teacher education practices and policies for doctoral level and beyond. It uses investigation of models, strategies and experiences of doctoral supervision and research mentoring to provoke reflection and action planning on your developing scholarship and pedagogy. This includes consideration of how teaching and teacher education may be responsive to diversity and contribute towards social justice through education.

Module 2: Developing evaluative judgment in education

This module develops your evaluative judgment, focusing on reviewing national and international publications, including conventional research, official reports, professional guidance materials and social media outlets (particularly blogs). It focuses on strategies for supporting academic and professional writing through the publication of high-quality professional materials for a range of audiences with impact and reach.

Module 3: Developing your contribution to the education field

This module reviews pathways, nationally and internationally, for developing your contribution to the field of teaching and teacher education. The module includes a focus on well-being and workload management and how building your networks may help to build relational resilience. It considers options available to you in developing as a teacher, consultant, researcher, manager, academic developer and/or a variety of other roles with interesting variations and alternatives.

Registration Participants must register by 01 June 2022. Please book on-line here

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