Becoming a Teacher Educator

Facilitators: Professor Pete Boyd, University of Cumbria; Professor Jean Murray, University of East London (UEL) & Dr Liz White, University of Hertfordshire

The ‘Becoming a Teacher Educator’ workshops have provided a national level academic induction for more than 500 recently appointed teacher educators over the last eleven years. The challenging workshops will support you in refining your identity as a teacher educator, in questioning your pedagogy for teacher education and development, and in drafting a professional development action plan that focuses on scholarship and research activity. The three separate workshops are integrated into the conference programme and designed to form a coherent experience.

Open access ‘Becoming a Teacher Educator: Guidelines for induction

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 Workshop 1: The pedagogy of initial teacher education

The first workshop focuses on the pedagogy of initial teacher education. The session will critically evaluate the clinical practice model of teacher education and the central ambition of teachers developing ‘inquiry as stance’ as part of their professional identity and everyday work.  The use of modelling by teacher educators will be considered – meaning the strategy of demonstrating and explicitly reflecting on values and strategies that are congruent with those we expect student teachers to develop within their own classroom practice. The session will highlight the development of teacher identity by your student teachers and consider your own development of teacher educator identity.

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Workshop 2: Supporting teachers’ professional learning

The second workshop focuses on the characteristics of effective professional learning for teachers and the contribution of teacher educators to consultancy and continuing professional development.  This highlights teacher knowledge and expertise and the role of inquiry, for example lesson study and action research, in the leadership of curriculum development in schools. The session aims to critically evaluate the concept of ‘partnership’ within a school-led system of teacher education and development and considers the potential contribution of university education departments to development of research-informed practice in schools.

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Workshop 3: Scholarship and research

The third workshop focuses on action planning for professional development as a teacher educator. This highlights the development of advanced scholarship and research activity with all of its satisfactions and challenges. The session aims to empower you to take control and decide to what extent you will engage with research work and researcher identity. It will enable you to consider an alternative pathway, subject to your workplace context and role, and focus more on teaching and consultancy underpinned by advanced scholarship. The facilitators will aim to provide insight into issues of educational research quality and audit. By sharing experiences the session will provide a sense of the field of teacher education and possible pathways of scholarship and research that you may choose to follow within it.

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