Becoming a Teacher Educator

TEAN online flexible professional development course April/May 2023

The Becoming a Teacher Educator online flexible professional development course is aimed at those who have been appointed to teacher educator roles within the last three years. It focuses on aspects of pedagogy, partnership, advanced scholarship, and research activity.

The course is primarily aimed at university-based teacher educators, but school-based teacher educators interested in developing as researchers, or seeking an academic post, may also find the course valuable. It is estimated that around 40% of university-based teacher educators newly appointed in the UK during the last 15 years have completed the course, or its previous face-to-face workshop equivalent.

The course is run in association with the Becoming a Teacher Educator: Guidelines for Induction, published open access by Advance HE. The 3rd edition of the Guidelines is recommended as pre-reading for the course.

The three-week Becoming a Teacher Educator course is comprised of three modules, each supported by self-study materials and online moderated discussion forums. Each module also has an optional live online video discussion session. Workload is estimated at two to three hours per week. The facilitator teams includes the authors of the published Guidelines, Professor Pete Boyd, Professor Jean Murray, and Dr Liz White, plus TEAN executive committee members Dr Lisa Murtagh and Dr Pippa Leslie.

Module One – Pedagogy of Teacher Education. Topics include: programme design; identity work; clinical practice modules.

Module Two – Partnership and Assessment. Topics include: workplace learning; evaluative judgment; professional standards.

Module Three – Advanced Scholarship and Research. Topics include: consultancy; doctoral study; teachers’ research literacy.

The Becoming a Teacher Educator course is hosted by TEAN (Teacher Education Advancement Network). The course fee is £150 and the deadline for registration is the 7th April 2023. Click this link to register.

The course schedule is set out below. There is plenty of flexibility for the self-study element of the course and participants will have continued access to the materials.

Week beginning Monday 10th April 2023Pre-reading and preparation task
Week beginning Monday 17th April 2023Module 1 online discussion
Thursday 20th April 2023, 4pm – 5:15pmModule 1 live session (optional)
Week beginning Monday 24th April 2023Module 2 online discussion
Thursday 27th April 2023, 4pm – 5:15pmModule 2 live session (optional)
Week beginning Monday 1st May 2023Module 3 online discussion
Thursday 4th May 2023, 4pm – 5:15pmModule 3 live session (optional)

To gain a formal certificate of completion, participants are required to complete and submit a concise, action-oriented, reflective log by the deadline of 31st May 2023.

If you have more than three years’ experience as a teacher educator, you may prefer to go straight to the advanced Being a Teacher Educator course.