‘Becoming a Teacher Educator’ On-line Course

Facilitators: Dr Pete Boyd, Dr Jean Murray & Liz White

The ‘Becoming a teacher educator’ TEAN workshops, accompanied by the ‘Guidelines for induction’ published by Advance HE, have provided a national level element of academic induction for more than 500 recently appointed teacher educators over the previous eleven years. The new online course focuses on aspects of pedagogy, partnership, advanced scholarship, and research. The aim is to help you plan and manage your induction and continuing professional and career development. The updated 3rd edition of ‘Becoming a Teacher Educator: Guidelines for Induction’ is in progress and will be provided to participants as optional pre-reading. For those course participants who wish to gain a certificate of completion there will be a requirement for full engagement with online activity and submission of a concise action plan.

April/May 2022

Four weeks flexible online engagement with practical activities, asynchronous interaction and three optional live classes which will be recorded:

  • Live Class 09.00-10:30 Thursday 28 April 2022
  • Live Class 09:00-10:30 Thursday 12 May 2022
  • Live Class 09:00-10-30 Thursday 19 May 2022

The three inter-linked modules of the online course are aimed at those who have been appointed to a teacher educator role, recently or within the last three years. (Workload is estimated to be three hours each week.)

Module 1: Pedagogy of Teacher Education This module focuses on the pedagogy of initial teacher education and the challenges of teaching on an advanced professional education programme. It includes an introduction to ‘identity work’ with your student teachers and points out its relevance to you in becoming a teacher educator. You will consider how critical engagement with theory and research in teacher education will inform your development and practice as a teacher educator including your commitment and contribution to social justice through education.

Module 2: Partnership in Teacher Education This module focuses on partnership and considers the challenges of boundary-crossing roles that involve working between schools and university. It includes a focus on professional standards for teachers and authentic assessment. You will consider to what extent you wish to become an education consultant working with students and experienced teachers and to what extent that can be underpinned by advanced scholarship.

Module 3: Advanced Scholarship and Research This module focuses on the challenge of developing research-informed practice in schools and the corresponding requirement to develop teachers’ research literacy. It acknowledges the underpinning characteristic of higher education, that it critically engages with research. You will consider how advanced scholarship or professional research will feature in your professional development, identity and career development and consider well-being and workload management. We will also consider how scholarship and research activities relate to developing a critical perspective on teaching and teacher education and refining your mission statement as a teacher educator. 

Registration Participants must register by 11 April 2022. Please book on-line here

Please note: if you are a more experienced teacher educator then you may still find this course useful, but you may wish to consider as an alternative or addition the advanced course ‘Being a Teacher Educator’ On-line Course.

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